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Once again, the uterus etc are all designed to be used by 2 entities: the woman and child should she choose to have one. This is the physiology of women. Why do women have breasts? Why do they lactate? Think about it. Our bodies have functions. We cannot denied the reality behind these functions. Excuse my bluntness, but men get erections why? To point north? NO! It is a natural function with a purpose. That purpose is to reproduce. Organ donation is completely irrelevant to the issue of abortion.
Abortion is not a right according to the UN. It is feminist rhetoric that pushes this idea. I get your idea and it is rhetorical. You are just repeating yourself over and over. I was a much better debater than you are now when I was prochoice years ago. :)

Killing a child is not a right. It is not misogyny to prevent murder. How can your uterus and its contents be more important than yourself? The uterus is your body and the contents which I am assuming you mean a z/e/f was your choice to procreate. I see misogyny as keeping women from promotions, telling them to be quiet in front of other men, telling them to look a certain way to be "sexy," not allowing them to learn, beating them, excluding them from sports because they are women, that to me is misogyny unless they changed the meaning to mean "those who are for defending life." I mentioned tokophobia because that is what it is. Women must accept their bodies and be conformed to what God or nature -whichever you accept- gave. Motherhood is a gift from God. A woman gets to share in God's creative power, something that man does not have. But like with any type of power, it can be abused. We must avoid that.

I do not understand your point about being forced. I have never heard of a US, Canadian or European law demanding women have kids. If you know of one please forward it to me asap. Of course our bodies have parts that are used for defense, but as I have showed in my post, the uterus etc actually work to protect offspring granted that everything went well naturally. If a woman is not healthy, then of course the uterus etc will not function properly. Similarly, if a male is not healthy, his organs will not work well and will make defective sperm or no sperm.

When I say people do not have a right to kill human life, I mean in the general sense. I do not have the right to kill everyone I do not like. However, in self defense it should only be used if there is no other means for self defense. These cases are rare and I assume most victims run instead of confronting an attacker. I have been attacked and thrown people on the ground. I did not snap their necks. :) I did not need to.