February 27, 2010

De-fund abortion

De-fund abortion 

Above is a link to a letter written to the editor of a local newspaper in my hometown.  I just wanted to point out a couple discrepancies.  Comparison of two situations that have no relation to each other and equating correlation with causation.


lizzyp said...

You are guilty of murdering your own child through abortion which is why you find it necessary to post an ENTIRE PAGE regarding your ridiculous beliefs. Abortion is the murder of an innocent child; you know it and so do I....no bullshit lady! BTW your picture shows you to be a MISERABLE person so you may want to change it.

freewomansholyinheritance said...

I have never BEEN pregnant nor have I ever had sex. Gee, how many ProLIFERS can even say that?

A fetus is neither innocent nor guilty. Or do you call your table innocent? I bet you don't, even though it has the same capacity to be either innocent or guilty that a fetus does. So good to know that your own hypocrisy exposes itself, once again.

How many times have you called a child, an adult? What is the difference between calling a fetus aNOTher stage of development and calling a child, an adult? Nothing.

Abortion is not murder. Murder IS illegal killing with malice aforethought. It wasn't/isn't murder even when/where it was/is illegal. So sorry, but... try again. Abortion terminates a pregnancy. Do learn the difference between pregnancy and fetus, before you post next time.

And calling me out because of my appearance, so not cool since it only proves to me that much more how misogynistic the PL movement is. Too bad you don't do your movement any good or justice, eh?