February 21, 2010

Nicaragua. A dangerous place to have a uterus.

This... this is just sickening.  A woman who lives in a Central American country is denied her own right to live because she is pregnant.  Make no mistake, this is what would happen in any country where abortion is made illegal.  This is what PLers willingly work towards,  A legal body having a say in a medical body's decisions sets a dangerous precedent.  If complications can arise in a relatively normal and healthy pregnancy and delivery without warning, often ending with disastrous results for BOTH the fetus and woman, even under the watch of a medical professional, having the government determine what constitutes life-threatening would be even MORE disastrous, for the reasons just stated.

The woman will die if she does not get treatment for the cancer.  And, most likely, the cancer will kill her before the fetus is viable.  So, now, two humans will be dead rather than just one.

Also, the woman has a 10-year old son.  So, if she dies, the boy is left an orphan.

Yes, I see how much PLers care for the born.  Not at all.  Yes, I see how much PLers care for the unborn.  The fetus, at least, gets a passing nod.  But, most of all, I see how much PLers really care about punishing a woman for daring to have non-procreative sex.  Absolutely.

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