February 22, 2011

The Rape, Slavery and Entrapment of Women....

This is a response I made to a particularly virulent anti, here:
How is vile, disgusting, sickening, vicious, bile OR filth potty-mouthed, when they weren't even directed at YOU, but your WORDS?  None of those are swear words.  Do you even know what the word potty means (well, at least the version of it you are using, anyways)?
What YOU fail to see is that you want to blame noone BUT the woman.
How are you NOT punishing women for an anatomical function (that IS outside of her control), when you attempt to modify behaviour (and you DO see it as behaviour modification if you think making abortion illegal will reduce its rates), such as consensual sex for non-procreative purposes, by imposing a 'natural' consequence on it, a 'natural' consequence that has no corollary elsewhere?  The fact that I was born with a uterus means everyone can feel free to strip me of either my rights or my sexual freedoms and that they can feel free to deny me medical remedy that is denied to no one else whose organs aren't functioning the way someone wants them to?  
Makes me SICK that I was born female and that I have to undergo either 1. Invasive medical surgery (which most doctors won't perform without serious medical complications, due in LARGE part to attitudes like YOURS), when no one else's medical privacy is invaded in such a manner or 2.  SRS (which most of you extreme right-wing conservative ProLife Christian fundamentalists don't even SUPPORT) in order to satisfy the fanatics, such as yourself, that I am not holding any dreams, desires, wishes, hopes or wants beyond fulfilling the role of incubator or baby-making machine.  I KNOW what my mom had to go through before anyone from the medical profession would even consider performing a hysterectomy on her.  I also know that some of the organs held in place by the uterus can fall into the empty space left behind and cause problems with THOSE organs.   And I DEFinitely do not identify as anything other than cisgender.  
She knows her body and she knows the risks just like the driver of a car knows the car and the risks of driving it, so, shouldn't zie be disallowed medical remedy, too, if zie causes an accident and receives minor injuries, I mean if you want to prove that this really isn't about punishing women?
She didn't 'wilfully' allow it, unless you really ARE punishing her for it, unless you really ARE seeking to entrap her in a body she has no escape from, a body with natural processes that occur inside it, whether she likes it or not, and that can only be used against her.  What crime did she commit against you that you think you can use her body as a prison for her? 
I believe that the life has rights.  I just don't believe that it has MORE rights than anyone born.  Are you really such a dunderhead, that you can't comprehend simple sentences like that, even when they're repeated over and over for you? 
That isn't sexual freedom, that's sexual oppression, of women, moron.
If I did see the uterus as an evil thing, it'd ONLY be because of people like you.  Because of people like you that find it so convenient and easy to enforce pregnancy on women, so those 'dirty sluts' won't dare to live outside their 'biological imperatives', anymore.
The man has EVery right that the woman has up to and inCLUding the moment the fetus no longer occupies her body, he even has every right that she has AFTer that moment.  But, here, I see, you've finally admitted you see pregnancy as behaviour modification (punishment). After all, how can a man have rights to the fetus when he DOESn't have the physiological function, but a woman can't have rights when she DOES have the physiological function?  
Abortion doesn't involve killing, btw. 
So, woman as non-victim OBviously DOESn't cut it.
Yes, I have.  It makes me squeamish only because it looks like any other surgery with blood.  I have an even BIGger problem watching bloody, gory movies because they're even more bloody and gory.  If abortion is violent, cruel and inhumane, childbirth is violent, cruel and inhumane for BOTH the woman AND the fetus.  If abortion is inhumane, then killing someone after they've been directed to experience pleasure and pain is even MORE inhumane.
You have a warped view of life.


ScareCrow said...

Do you by any chance have any swamp land in florida to sell me?

freewomansholyinheritance said...

Do you, by any chance, have any background in Logic 101? From the way you point your fingers at feminism for the 'wrongs' (or rather the removal of privileges) that's been done to you, I would guess not.