April 18, 2010

Out of the Ashes: Gisella Perl and the reasons why abortion is NOT the 'new Holocaust'

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In the (perhaps not so) near future, I have come to the point where I feel I can finally do this woman some justice.

Gisella Perl performed abortions for Jewish women who would have otherwise been sent to the gas chambers if they had RETAINED THEIR PREGNANCIES.  Let me repeat, if they had RETAINED THEIR PREGNANCIES.  For many Jewish women these could have been otherwise wanted pregnancies, but they were forced, by circumstance, to have an abortion or leave any children they already, or other members of their families they, had, behind.

Hitler was AntiChoice for German AND Jewish women.  He forced all German women to carry pregnancies to term, while forcing Jewish women to terminate theirs or lose their own, and the fetal, lives.  NEITHER of those positions is ProChoice.  ProChoice, after all, as the name SHOULD imply, defines a movement that wants women to determine for themSELVES whether they will terminate or continue a pregnancy, via ongoing, informed and exPLIcit consent. 

Hitler was the very antiTHEsis of this.  He believed that women, especially Jewish women, were inferior and did not deserve the full right to autonomy that commonly rich, abled, white, heterosexual, cissexual, cisgender, German males did.  He denied ALL women the right to choose who uses their bodies and when and how they are used, with ongoing, explicit and informed consent.  He denied them this right that all German men had even where another's life was involved, simply because he thought they were 'superior'.

So, you tell me (if you want to Godwin), which side is promoting a 'newer version of the Holocaust'?

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