April 14, 2010

Reasons Why I Am ProChoice: Part 2

Why do you value fetuses the same as you do women? Why does a fetus that is obliviate, insensate, non-thinking and non-feeling and that has no hopes, no dreams and is actually a complete stranger to everyone around it, have the same value as a woman who is the opposite of the former, and has all of the latter, capabilities? A value is placed on an object as soon as that object achieves significance in some manner or another. Which leads us to conclude that something that is more costly than another has more monetary value. That something that is larger than something else has more quantitative value. That someone who has lived longer than another has greater chronological value. That friends and family have more qualitative value than strangers or acquaintances. By equalizing each object in any of those cases you automatically devalue the one that once held greater value. And, thus, by placing the fetus at the same level as the woman, you automatically devalue her. You devalue women by saying that they can never achieve any greater significance than the other even with all their greater capabilities, thus diminishing and dismissing those capabilities.

So, in the case of the woman, with granting the right to life, you state that one is only as important as the functions of the body. That there is no qualitative value, since it is related to the development of one's social, moral, intellectual, physical and mental agency and will during maturation, which is now deemed unimportant.

Yet, at the same time, in the case of the fetus, you imbue it WITH the importance of these things. Automatically giving the woman, comparatively, even lesser value than before.

Pregnancy is also far more physically demanding than any other known condition. That women did not choose to have a uterus and its function, which facilitate such, developed within their bodies, but still must suffer the consequences of such, as others deem fit, smacks of patriarchal privilege being shoved down one's throat.

THAT is why I'm ProChoice. I deal with how life is supPOSed to be, not in fairy tales.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful and interesting argument against anti-abortion lunacy. Thanks for putting it out there!