April 9, 2010

Parts of an essay by a fellow ProChoicer

The following is an excerpt from a conversation had between two ProChoicers.  Those comments put in quotations are parts of the essay written by the title ProChoicer.

"A fetus resides in a legal and social no-man’s land, where rights and personhood can have no force or meaning, unless women are kept thoroughly oppressed. Plus, there are many significant differences between a born human and a fetus, which creates reasonable doubt as to its status."

That, right there, just reinforces why I am ProChoice. Even if the PL movement were consistent and thorough, in their beliefs and ideology, they would still be making the case that obliviate, non-thinking, non-feeling, insensate humans are more important than non-obliviate, thinking, feeling, sensate humans, but only in some circumstances, because it wouldn't reign equally over all the other different groups of humans in society, worldwide.

"It also causes the cervix to soften, and dilate and increases prostaglandin which causes uterine contractions."

Since this would play a part in one determining how their body is used, demonstration of how later term abortions similarly apply as opposed to C-sections would also be interesting to discuss.

"Each Tax dollar spent on contraceptive services saves an average of three dollars in Medicaid costs for pregnancy-related health care and medical care of newborns. Without these services federal and state Medicaid expenditures would increase by 1.2 billion dollars a year. Without publicly funded contraceptive services, there would be 40% more abortions each year in the U.S. The rate among teens would increase by 58%. The teen birth rate and births to unmarried women would both increase by about 25%."

I would guess that the disparity in increases also has something to do with the fact that pregnancy, itself, is so much more expensive than abortion. And, even at that, it would save multiple times the Tax dollars that reducing the number of abortions by 40% would save.

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