April 9, 2010

Reasons why I am ProChoice: Part 1

I think it has finally come to detail why I'M ProChoice.  The following is a post in full I made quite some time ago in a group on that social media that we all know as FaceBook.  :D ;
I think I should tell you some of the reasons why I am Pro-Choice, and, hopefully answering at least some of your questions, at the same time...?

1. I believe a woman has the right to self-defence in ALL circumstances which includes pregnancy. In order to make a moral or legal argument against abortion, one would have to make an argument against self-defense.

2. I believe a woman has the right to bodily integrity. She has the right to say who shares her organs just as anyone else does, even in the cases that the organ recipient (such as a fetus) may die, or the organ donor is "culpable" (such as in sex) for putting them there. Again, if one were to make a moral or legal argument against this, one would have to make the same kind of argument against all such rights. 
3. I believe a woman has the right to informed consent, again, just like anyone else. She has the right to consent to abortion just as much as she has the right to consent to pregnancy, IF she is informed. There is a definite dearth in the latter when compared to the former. Further to this topic are the following 3:
A. I believe a woman has the right to situational consent, as per anyone
else. She consents to the sharing of ONE organ to one person, not
consent to use another organ by that individual, nor consent to sharing
that use with a different individual.
B. I believe a woman has the right to continued consent. She may
revoke consent to sharing of any organs (at any time with anyone who
is born, up until the removal of the organ from her body, again,
the consequences are similar to the ones I posted in the second
reasoning. And, as in the case of rape, anyone who consents to sex
may revoke that consent at any time, whereupon it becomes rape. 
C. I believe that the rate of pregnancy occurring from sex is so minimal as
to eliminate this consent, anways. Otherwise, one would consent to
death once one was pregnant since that is far more likely than the former.

4. I believe in a woman's right to medical privacy. Otherwise, interference in other medically private decisions should be no problem. Based on the idea that there would be fewer moral controversies surrounding these other types of interference.

5. I believe that all other women's rights will be stripped from them, as well, if they are not legally or morally allowed to make these decisions. Their right to equal pay, equal work, equal status in the work environment, etc.

6. I believe that death is NOT a punishment. Which is part of the reason why I'm anti-death penalty, too.

7. I believe that the fetus has NO interests. And the person most relevant to the situation (i.e. the woman) should have the ability to make the decision. Just as, in the case of children or those on life support, the parents or guardians make the decisions based on the ability to do so.

8. I believe that continued gestation against the womens wishes, in ANY manner, perverts the act of childbirth into an act of obligation and the child into a mere consequence.

9. And, finally, I believe that making pregnancy the only choice legally or morally, will increase women's mortality rates and the levels of abortion. I don't have to look any further than countries where abortion is an illegal practice to realize the latter since comprehensive sex ed is not a part of their regular curriculum, contraceptives are virtually non-existent, etc, AND since there are now studies that compare the numbers of abortions in those countries with those where it is legalized and find the numbers reduced (remembering that not everyone will report whether they had an abortion when it is illegal. Strikingly similar to prohibition and the way even MADD approaches the subject).

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